Michael Puhl - Innovationen für Pferde - Innovations for Horses
Michael Puhl - Innovationen für Pferde - Innovations for Horses

Michael Puhl is a certified farrier with over 40 years of professional experience. His clients are not only private customers with horses for competitive sport or recreation, but also veterinarians, equine clinics, farriers and professional trainers of various disciplines in equestrian sports.

He developed his inventions such as the PM Horseshoeing Techniques, the PM Hoof Clip or the PM Horse-Swinglifter as a result of his own practical experience and intense discussions with veterinarians and equine clinics. His innovations are patented and sold and applied successfully all over the world.

Michael Puhl runs an Orthopedic Hoof Centre at the headquarters of his farrier business in Losheim am See/ Germany near the border to Luxembourg.
He regularly presents the PM Horseshoeing Techniques, his PM products and the PM Horse-Swinglifter at international congresses for farriers and veterinarians, at fairs and in equine clinics.


Our Farriery

Every craftsman knows that experience of many years is needed to carry out excellent work.

Michael Puhl started working in horseshoeing in 1974, became a certified farrier in 1977,
founded his forge in 1982 and thus can look back on more than 40 years of experience in
horseshoeing. Today, he employs four skilled farriers working in two teams. Continuing
education of the teams and professional equipment go without saying. Both teams work
five days a week with fully equipped forge and farriery vehicles including mobile phones
for being flexible and on time.

Ordinary shoeing, hoof corrections and orthopaedic shoeing in collaboration with the attending
veterinarian are daily business in Michael Puhl's forgery.

Triggered by his every-day shoeing experience Michael Puhl realized soon, that the traditional
shoeing techniques failed to solve the most vital hoof problems. Therefore he studied further
at advanced training courses or at farriery and veterinarian symposiums, discussed cases with
veterinarians and thus developed the PM horseshoeing technique in 1999. Today, his product
developments like the PM Hoof Pad, PM Hoof Packing and PM Hoof Clip are sold and applied
all over the world.

Meanwhile an intensive user dialog has evolved, which helps to constantly improve the successful
PM products that have been developed from practice for practice. Users of PM products are not only
private customers using horses for competitive sport or recreation, but also veterinarians, horse hospitals,
farriers and professional trainers of various disciplines in horse sports (like trotting, show jumping
or dressage and so on).

Michael Puhl, his teams and renowned experts demonstrate the PM Horseshoeing Technique live at
shoeing symposia and workshops worldwide. Meanwhile the products for the PM Horseshoeing Technique
are used all over the world and sold in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Austria,
Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Great Britain, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Canada, the United States, Macao,
Japan und Russia (see list of dealers).





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