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PM Horse- Swinglifter- Balanced Relief of the Musculoskeletal System



The PM Horse-Swinglifter allows longterm partial relief of the musculoskeletal system for diseased or injured horses, even for several weeks at a time. The relief is flexibly adjustable 50 to 200 kg. This opens up new prospects in treatment and convalescence of acute founder, bone fractures or tendon injuries.

The horses can move freely inside the stall, and even lie down (see video). They have contact with the ground at all times, while suspended, and constantly find even and effective relief.

Treatment in Renowned Equine Clinics or directly on your site

This new development of Michael Puhl is patented and is used in renowned equine clinics in Germany and abroad.
The mobile stall of the PM Horse Swinglifter can be erected on any location in any stable, even „at home“.
That way it can be used as support of medical treatments for horses that cannot be transported or for purposes of rehab.





November 2010 - Antje Fey-Spengler, Veterinarian Horse and Pet Clinic, Bad Hersfeld, Germany:

During the last year, I have applied the PM Horse Swinglifter at my equine practice to two horses with a radial fracture on account of a kick injury. Both horses could no longer bear the weight on their fractured limb, and it would have been impossible to haul them to a clinic with this kind of fracture. Also, they could not undergo orthopaedic surgery because the ends of the fracture were very close to the joints. Therefore, mobile stalls of the PM Horse Swinglifter were mounted for the horses at their home stables at short notice.
Both patients were suspended in the mobile PM Horse Swinglifter for six weeks, and right from the day after this measure was taken the horses moved freely in their stalls, obviously relieved from pain, without any analgesics. We originally had planned to apply the scheme for 4 weeks but extended it by another two weeks because it was well accepted and because by doing so we could make sure that the fractured limbs would bear the weight increasingly in slow steps.
Both horses left the stall upon completion of the scheme bearing the weight on their affected limbs. The day before, the farrier had been able to adjust the shoeing.
We applied the Swinglifter to the first patient shortly within a few days. The horse was cautiously retrained after two months‘ time, and today, barely 9 months after the accident, it participates at horse shows again.
The owner of the second horse assumed he could save costs and thus decided to try to induce healing of the fracture without suspension in the Swinglifter. The horse suffered from severe pain during four weeks, only moved on three legs, and furthermore, the site of the fracture was dislocated during this time which resulted in a considerable malposition of the limb. It was considered to euthanise the horse.
When, after all, the PM Horse Swinglifter was applied, the horse was spontaneously relieved from pain and the fracture could heal up, even if the malposition remained which could have been avoided by using the Swinglifter at an earlier stage.
It turned out to be vital that the Swinglifter is operated by a reliable person who caters to the individual needs of the injured horse and who will recognise and specifically prevent the risk of potential pressure or rubbing sores by a daily visual check.
That way, even a six-week treatment in the PM Horse Swinglifter poses no problem.


Dr. Oliver Genot, Horse clinic at the turf „Pferdeklinik an der Rennbahn“, Iffezheim near Baden-Baden, Germany:
Our first application was a horse with acute founder in all four feet. As soon as the horse was being relieved by the belt system of the PM Horse Swinglifter, it was clear for all people present that the horse instantly felt at ease. The weight relief had released the horse from acute pain so far that it immediately started to move in the stall amazingly well.
The horse stayed in the Swinglifter for three weeks, and then we could discharge it from our horse clinic for further treatment at home.  
In our opinion, the use of the PM Horse Swinglifter in the acute stage of founder and the further three-week application has significantly supported the swift recovery of the horse.
Meanwhile we have also used the PM Horse-Swinglifter in support of treating tendon injuries. It enables the horses to move easily in the stall despite of their injuries. This shortens the period of treatment and according to our first experiences this helps to avoid typical problems that occur if horses are strictly confined to stall during an extended clinic stay like circulatory or digestion problems or founder due to excessive weight bearing after an injury of another leg.  

To the website of the horse clinic at the turf, Iffezheim near Baden-Baden, Germany



Dr. Karsten Weitkamp, Horse Clinic Telgte, Germany:
We have been using the PM Horse-Swinglifter since summer 2009 in our equine clinic, which has had a very positive impact on treatments of horses with different orthopedic diseases. Beside several cases of founder we treated diverse diseases/injuries of forehand and hind legs. All horses except for one mare adopted this load relief aid well. The construction of the PM Horse-Swinglifter allows horses, despite of their injury, to move lightly and to lie down. This considerably contributes to an improved general condition and prevents many secondary problems, last but not least indigestion.
Our first experiences show that the use of the PM Horse-Swinglifter prevents founder due to excessive weight bearing of the sound leg and affects convalescence positively.
We also encouraged the mobile use of the PM Horse-Swinglifter for an S-jumper that could not be transported because of a fracture of the forearm (radius). In collaboration with Dr. Antje Fey-Spengler, general veterinarian in Bad Hersfeld, Germany, the PM Horse-Swinglifter was applied on location at home. Thus a fatal fracture of the radius could be avoided and the fracture could heal up.

For more information about the horse clinic see www.tierklinik-telgte.de




Case report Mamoona

Laminitis-patient Mamoona faced to be put to sleep, now she is free of pain due to the PM Horse-Swinglifter and shoeing according to PM Horse Shoeing Techniques. For 1 month the mare that suffered from acute founder in all 4 feet has been treated with the Swinglifter in the Orthopedic Hoof Centre of Michael Puhl GmbH in Losheim/Germany.


PM Horseswinglifter horse clinic Burgmüggenhausen
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Newspaper article
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The following equine clinics, veterinarians and equine specialists are equipped with one or more PM Horse-Swinglifters – as permanent facility or mobile stall for rent:



Tierklinik Telgte, 48291 Telgte
Pferdeklinik an der Rennbahn, 76473 Iffezheim
Tierklinik Lüsche, 49456 Bakum
Pferdeklinik Burgmüggenhausen, 53919 Weilerswist – Müggenhausen
Pferdeklinik Bargteheide, 22941 Bargteheide
Dr. Brugmans, 26160 Bad Zwischenahn
Pferdezuchtbetrieb Uwe Gerner, 21395 Tespe-Avendorf
Veterinärmedizinische Fakultät der Universität Leipzig
Pferdeklinik Leichlingen, 42799 Leichlingen
Dr. Conny Faißt, 54413 Bescheid
Klinik für Pferde, Fachbereich Veterinärmedizin, Universität Berlin
Tierklinik Isernhagen, 30916 Isernhagen
• Tierärztliche Klinik Domäne Karthaus, 48249 Dülmen
• Tierärztliche Tierklinik Gessertshausen, 86459 Gessertshausen
Tierärztliche Klinik für Pferde, Dr. med. vet. Dirk Fister, 25485 Bilsen
Klinik für Pferde, Veterinärmedizinische Universität, 35392 Gießen
Tierklinik Alt-Sammit, 18292 Alt Sammit
Pferdeklinik Duisburg, 47199 Duisburg
Tiergesundheitszentrum Lahr, 77933 Lahr

* Tierärztliche Klinik Kaufunger Wald 34260 Kaufungen  www.tierklinik-kaufungen.de/investition-pm-schwinglifter

* Paul Schockemöhle, 49439 Mühlen

* Paul Schockemöhle, Lewitz, 19306 Neustadt- Glewe

* Pferdeklinik am Kirchberg, 83607 Holzkirchen

* Pferdeklinik am Kottenforst, 53343 Wachtberg

* Pferdeklinik SaarLorLux GmbH, 66802 Überherrn

* Hufzentrum Bodensee Fabian Kaiser

*Tierklinik Dr. Stechele GbR, 86517 Wehringen

* Klinik für Pferde LMU München, 85764 Oberschleißheim






Troytown Equine Hospital, Kildare, Ireland
Veterinärmedizinische Universität, Tennessee, USA
Tierklinik Leimental, 4105 Biel-Benken, Schweiz
Veterinärmedizinische Universität, Wien, Österreich
Dr. Hans Castelijns, Cortona, Italien

* Rossdales Equine Hospital New Market

* Gabinet Weterynaryjny Equi Centrum Poland

* Gestüt Zitna Tschechien

* EquiTom Equine Clinic, Belgien

* Pferdeklinik Tillysburg, Österreich




In addition, mobile versions of the PM Horse-Swinglifter are frequently used as support of medical treatments on any site.

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