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PM Horse Lifting Tarpaulin with special traverse


The PM Lifting Tarpaulin in combination with the special traverse has proven to be of great value as a quick aid for horses in clinics and mobile use.


The horse is supported extensively by the PM Lifting Tarpaulin and the variable adjustable chest straps and the breeching give the horse stable support. The special traverse ensures that the horse hangs safely in the tarpaulin and not is squeezed. So the risk of injury during lifting and transport is significantly reduced.


Easy and safe to use

The PM Lifting Tarpaulin is optimized for use at horses, but can also be used for other large animals. With the help of the raising loop it is easy to attach it under a lying horse, too. The use is possible with a simple chain hoist or crane, or in combination with the lifter of the PM Horse Swinglifter.

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