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Orthopedic hoof centre



The Orthopedic Hoof Centre of the company Michael Puhl GmbH is located at the headquarters in Losheim am See, where execution of all kinds of special orthopedic shoeings is optional. There are three stalls for rent available in the hoof centre, one of them is equipped with a permanent PM Horse-Swinglifter. Longterm stays are thus possible.



Facilities of the orthopedic hoof centre:

• Spacious roofed place for shoeing, with hoist
• Fully equipped workshop with comprehensive stock of all kind of shoeing accessories, in particular      for orthopedic horse shoeing
• 3 spacious stalls for rent, one equipped with a permanent PM Horse-Swinglifter
• Daily turn out
• Riding facility with stalls and adjoining paddocks are a few steps from the hoof centre

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